Metal Build Gundam Seed Destiny figure Bandai(OUT OF STOCK)

Metal Build Gundam Seed Destiny figure Bandai(OUT OF STOCK)
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Product Description

Metal Build Gundam Seed Destiny by Bandai. Gundam is very detailed and ready to display. It will stand approx. 7" tall. Featuring diecast parts and state-of-the-art articulation, this incredible rendition of the titular MS has been rendered with an exceptional level of quality and detail. For this particular iteration in the series, mechanical design director Tomo Shigeta was brought in to personally oversee the figure's creation. This deluxe robot action figure set also boasts special features such as an original activation gimmick for the mobile suitís secondary weapon- the massive M2000GX High-Energy Long-Range Beam Cannon. In addition, the blade part of the MMI-714 "Arondight" Anti-Ship Sword features a moveable slide gimmick. A full-array of accessories such as High-Energy Beam Rifle in addition to beam effect parts, interchangeable hands, and special display stand are also included in set. It will come sealed in box, in mint condition.